Prefabricated Mezzanines

Prefabricated Steel Mezzanine

Guardian Modular offers the absolute best Prefabricated Mezzanines available industry wide.  Our Prefab Steel Mezzanines are a great way to maximize the floor space of any facility without the high costs associated with conventional construction.  They have been engineered for maximum strength, efficiency and are a cost effective storage and space saving solution.  

Our Prefabricated Mezzanines have been designed to meet any requirement such as uniform or concentrated loads, special under clearance or top of deck heights, and wide clear spans.  They have been Pre-engineered with a easy bolt together assembly design which provides an economical solution to plant or storage space problems.  Our Standard designed prefabricated mezzanine is rated for 125lbs. per square foot at L/240 deflection which meets all U.S. building codes.   We have many floor options available to suit your needs.  Guardian Modular offers clear wide spans which allow for an open working area below.  They have been designed and engineered to meet specific seismic requirements. The connections are bolt together assembly, and there is no welding required.


Features and Benefits:

  • Designed To Meet Specific Seismic Zones
  • Heavy concentrated Loads
  • Large Clear Spans
  • Special Uniform Loading Conditions
  • Professional installations nationwide
  • Heavy duty high grade steel
  • Maximize plant area and recapture space
  • Great load bearing capacity

Plywood Mezzanine Deck 

Storage Mezzanine Clear Span Mezzanine





























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