Inplant Offices and Prefabricated Modular Office Buildings

Guardian Modular offers the highest quality Prefabricated Modular Inplant Offices in the industry.  If you have a need for a fast and cost effective Modular Building System solution, Guardian Modular has you covered no matter where you are.  One or Two Story Modular Inplant Office configurations to suit any need.  A Prefabricated Modular Wall System that offers you unlimited design potential and flexibility to produce the layout you want.   Let us provide you with the best possible products and design the perfect prefab enclosure for your project.  Call us today at 800-991-0779


Inplant Office Interior

Our Prefab Modular Offices have been designed with the flexibility to be relocated or reconfigured if your company's requirements change. Our industry leading panel system can be designed to accommodate any size office, no matter how small or large your project may be.  Small office buildings to Large industrial complexes of several thousand feet can be designed.  Our modular prefabricated panel system can be customized to your needs, and comes in a variety of colors, textures, and durable finishes.  With multiple wall cores available such as a polystyrene thermal core, type-1 construction core, sound deadening and a certified 1 hour ASTM E-119 fire rated cores, you can be sure we have the product that suits your needs.  If you're looking for the best quality modular office products without paying the ultra high expense normally associated with conventional construction...  Guardian Modular has you covered, and has the experience and products to produce the results you expect.  Our Prefabricated Inplant Offices and Buildings have numerous advantages when you compare them to conventional office construction.  Contact us today and allow us to prepare an Inplant Office quote, Modular Office quote or In-Plant Office Building quote for your project.  

Do you need to finance your Inplant Office?  Flexible Financing Options are available to qualified buyers that will allow you to finance your In-plant Office or Modular Office Building.


 Features and Benefits:

  • Flexible and Reusable
  • 1/3 of the cost of conventional construction
  • Maximize the use of your existing floor space
  • Code Compliant Walls
  • Disassemble and relocate somewhere else if needed
  • Construction time frames are a fraction of conventional construction
  • Sound deadening panels of up to STC 45 or better
  • Optional certified ASTM E-119 1-hour fire rated panels available
  • Optional 26 gauge G90 hot-dip galvanized steel facings with a baked on acrylic enamel finishes available

 One of the best benefits our products have is the ability to use a 7 year depreciation method, compared to the 39.5 years with conventional construction.  This will provide you with a tremendous price advantage of almost 33% in comparison.  You can see why so many companies have gone to our prefabricated modular inplant office and building solutions. 


 Two Story Modular Inplant Offices:

 Our Two Story Inplant Offices allow for maximum use of space when your warehouse floor is limited. This type of office provides for an excellent view for supervisory role with a clear views of your working areas.  Guardian Modular standard systems design uses 50-100 psf floor loads L/360 deflection in order to fully support the second story.  We use Heavy duty steel supports that are fully concealed and independent of the office wall system. Our stairs have been designed and engineered to meet OSHA, BOCA and UBC Codes.

  • Stair treads and hand rails are pre-assembled for fast installation
  • Our most economical panels or our premium panel system can be used
  • Designs for a wide range of sound control available
  • Fire retardant designs up to one-hour ratings are available
  • All systems are insulated for energy efficiency
  • Faster, easier and more convenient than conventional construction
  • Professional installations available worldwide

Two Story Modular Modular Bathrooms

 Vision Tower Modular Inplant Offices:

 Our Vision Tower Inplant Offices allow maximum use of limited floor space.  This type of office provides for an excellent view for supervisory role with a clear views of your working areas.  Standard designs use 100-psf floor load l/240 deflection, and our stairs have been designed and engineered to meet strict UBC, BOCA, and OSHA codes.  Guardian Modular offers clear wide spans which allow for an open working area below.  They have been designed and engineered to meet specific seismic requirements. The connections are bolt together assembly, and there is no welding required.

  • Deck heights are 8 to 12 feet
  • Frees up valuable manufacturing areas underneath
  • Maximizes the use of expensive floor space
  • The fastest mezzanine installation
  • The easiest mezzanine to move
  • Our most economical panels or our premium panel system can be used
  • Designs for a wide range of sound control and fire ratings
  • Professional installations available worldwide





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