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Thank you for your interest in what Guardian Modular has to offer you.  We are proud to offer only the highest quality prefabricated modular products in the industry, and are happy to assist you anytime.  Our prefab wall panel building system installs faster than conventional construction, and will save you money without loss of quality.  Our standards are set very high, and only the best materials are used to produce products that will withstand the test of time.  No matter what type of project you have in mind, we're confident that we've got you covered.  Below is a list of products that we offer.  If the type of room, enclosure or building you are looking for is not mentioned below, it doesn't mean we won't be able to accommodate you.  Please contact us, and chances are we'll be able to design something that will meet your expectations and requirements.  


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Guardian Modular vs The Competition


  • 5/8 Type X Fire Rated Gypsum

 The advantages of Gypsum over Hardboard: Gypsum is fire rated and has better sound deadening capabilities than hardboard. Plus it always meets building codes. Guardian Modular prefers to use gypsum board over hardboard for these reasons, but we understand that hardboard does have its applications. Can you use Hardboard in a wall panel? Yes, if you use a hardboard wall system with honeycomb core and NO, according to all major building codes, when hardboard is used with an EPS insulation. IBC Chapter 26 that covers EPS, requires an approved thermal barrier, and hardboard is not approved. When you purchase a building product wouldn't you feel better if it were fire-rated and code compliant? Of course. NOTE: 5/8 gypsum has up to 2X the sound deadening properties and 3X the fire resistance of standard 1/2 gypsum that is provided by our rivals.


  • No Flimsy Thin Walls

Our 3 inch System has almost twice the thickness and twice the strength of our competitor's 1-3/4 inch walls. This added thickness makes a substantially more stable building system. With Guardian Modular you get a solid, sturdy structure -- you will never have rattling walls or glass from closing a door. And with twice the insulation, you will enjoy savings on heating and cooling your structure.


  • Better Steel Components

Compare and you will see why our products are built to last. Our steel wall components and doors are heavy gage for strength and durability and galvanized to protect against rust and corrosion.


  • Panelized Walls

Some competitors contend to be prefabricated and modular, but they are not. Don't be tricked into buying a labor intensive demountable partition system. Our panelized designs use fully fabricated wall panels for quick and easy installations.


  • No Ugly Zebra Stripes

Why settle for ugly zebra stripes when a cleaner more attractive wall is available and costs less? Unfinished or mismatched components are unacceptable. Our modular office products are designed to be more attractive with a monolithic, more conventional look. Our components match the walls and do not have ugly zebra stripes.


  • Non-Progressive Design

When buying a modular building system an important feature to look for is a non-progressive design. A non-progressive system is the most flexible. This design allows you to access an individual panel and replace it without disturbing adjacent panels. If you need to swap locations of doors, windows or solid panels you can do that easily. If a panel is damaged, you can remove that panel and replace it. Our systems have the advantage of being non-progressive. A progressive wall is installed in a sequence. It has a one-piece connection system (like a sideways H) that will not allow the removal of a single wall panel without removing adjacent panels. Changing the location or replacing a panel can be very labor intensive and disruptive. Progressive systems defeat the advantages of buying a modular design.


  • Tightly Sealed Panel

 To effectively seal out noise, dust and prevent conditioned air loss you need the Gripper. At the root of our flexibility and functionality is our patented Gripper post system. The Gripper is the connection between each wall panel. The design is such that it clamps down on each panel. The result is a very important tight fitting seal on the wall connection. This designs seals out dust, noise and prevents the loss of conditioned air. Others offer a Fixed Thickness Design, In contrast to the clamping design of the Gripper, the competition provides one of two variations of the Fixed Thickness connection. The first is an inexpensive H design. The connection is essentially one piece and slips onto each end of the panels to form the connection. This is an inflexible progressive design. The second is a two piece design that is positioned back to back on each other and fastened. This is basically a fancier H connection that allows for a non-progressive design. Both designs when used form a connection that has a fixed thickness to slip over the panel ends and is not variable. The problem with the fixed thickness design is that there is no clamping action. What this means is there is no flexibility to handle the slightest variations in panel thickness. There are always manufacturing tolerances and panels can be slightly thicker or thinner. When a panel is slightly thicker the installers struggle with this design trying to pound it in place, often times causing some damage or material distress. When a fixed thickness connection is too loose. It causes a Sloppy Fit connection. Additional fasteners may be needed to prevent rattling or to keep this post in place. This connection has air leaks which means noise, dust and conditioned air become issues. The Gripper's clamping action is the best design for a panel/post connection.


Guardian Modular vs Conventional Construction


  • Relocate and reuse

 One of the main reasons for buying our system is the ability to easily take the building down and relocate it. This feature benefits the small firm that leases because the modular office always remains their asset. When it is time to move, the modular office can go with them. For larger companies, should their needs change, and the modular office would be better suited elsewhere then it can be moved and they never lose their original investment.


  • Redesign

 Companies grow, needs change and so can the modular office. Whether you need more space or need to change your current modular office configuration you’re not locked into your original design. All panels are interchangeable and can be assembled to fit any current need. The non-progressive post design provides the ability to swap or replace individual panels without disturbing adjacent panels. For example, if a solid wall panel now requires a door, it can be switched out for a door panel in a matter of minutes.


  • Industrial Strength

 Many offices today are built using drywall and studs, leaving unsupported cavities that can be punctured easily. Our modular offices use much stronger materials and utilize an important design feature, fully supported wall substrates using either insulated polystyrene or honeycomb cores, this gives the walls true impact resistance for a long useful life. In addition, the availability of steel facings adds even more strength.


  • Fast Occupancy

 Our systems install up to 75% faster than conventional construction. The standard small modular office is assembled and ready to move in, in one day, with conventional construction that time can be weeks. Weeks of sub-contractors and inspections can put any company behind schedule and this can translate directly into money lost. The faster you are back to normal the faster you get back to business.


  • Reduce labor costs by up to 50%

 This could be a very conservative figure... considering the installation speed of modular office products and the reduction in trades necessary to build, you could find this savings tremendous. It takes only one crew to assemble a modular office building, and several trades like glazers, painters, carpenters etc. to build conventionally... the larger the project, the more the savings.


  • Minimizes down time

 Construction can cause expensive loss of productivity. All construction, even modular, causes plant disruption, however the longer it takes to complete a project the more disruption you have. A serious evaluation of costs would include this often over looked expense, most people are amazed how fast these costs add up. For an estimate, multiply the number of people in the area of construction by just 10 minutes of distractions, then multiply that by the number of days it takes to complete the project, from this you can determine the number of hours lost, now multiply this by the average cost per labor hour. The loss of productivity is real and expensive.


  • Less mess, reduced clean up

 Sealing off areas, and detailed cleaning of equipment all can be expensive for the average industry, but if a company is involved in food processing or clean environments the costs to shut down and handle these essential tasks are enormous. Our assembly is cleaner than conventional construction.


  • Cost up to 33% or more less

 Most of our customers find that they can save up to 33% on their construction costs by using our modular offices. The reason is high speed and automated manufacturing processes. This productivity can’t be matched by any construction crew, and an experienced builder can tell you site construction is labor intensive and expensive.


  • Build for Change & Save

 Simply put, our modular office products are reusable so when you make a change you don't lose your investment, you re-use it. Compared to conventional methods, that's like getting materials free, over and over, as you make changes. Thousands of our customers benefit from this advantage every year. You also don't have dumping fees to remove demolished construction. That savings aside, there is something far more important; the environmental impact. Reusing modular office products because of a relocation or by changing a configuration, is recycling at its best. We are very proud of this aspect of our design because we understand the importance of conservation.


  • Faster Construction

In general, by definition, our product is considered equipment and depreciates accordingly. Thus allowing a company to completely write off the expenditure over 5 times faster than typical construction. Please consult your CPA for verification.  


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