Industrial Plant Divider

Guardian Modular has the perfect solution that allows you to divide an industrial plant for the least cost possible with no loss of quality.  Conventional construction has nothing on us, and can't even compete when it comes to cost, efficiency, flexibility, aesthetics and durability.  If you're looking for an industrial plant or factory divider wall you've come to the right place.


Our Panels are one-piece prefabricated, and are 4' wide.  They have been designed to be reusable and can be moved.  These ultra tough walls can be connected to almost any overhead steel structure.  Our walls are constructed from 26 gauge G90 hot-dip galvanized steel facings with a baked on acrylic enamel finish that will withstand the test of time.  We Utilize the best polystyrene Thermal core insulation with an optional urethane insulation for higher R-values if needed.  If you need to divide a Factory, Plant or Warehouse we have the best Industrial divider wall partition system in the industry.      



  • Up to 40 foot high seamless panels for an amazing finished look unmatched by the competition
  • Panels that are ideal for separating or dividing a plant, factory or warehouse
  • Utilizes 26 gauge galvanized steel exterior for ultimate strength and durability 



  • Walls are 3 to 6 inches thick for maximum strength and insulation
  • Color Options: Tan, Gray or USDA White all available in smooth finish
  • Seamless wall panels up to 40´ high
  • Peal-able surface coat protection during installation process to protect panels until installed 
  • Galvanized Corrosion protection to provide a high quality long lasting product 
  • Non-progressive design gives you maximum flexibility 
  • Multiple door options: Single, double, overhead and roll-up, etc.
  • Walls can be custom-installed around existing pipes and structures for a clean finished look
  • Panels are movable, interchangeable and reusable
  • Steel surface has a class "A" fire rating
  • Fully insulated panels anywhere from R-13 to R-22
  • Depreciates fast, like equipment



  • lift-out wall sections
  • header cutouts
  • Double or over head doors
  • pass-through
  • special window openings.


High Divider Wall 



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