Prefab Equipment Enclosures


Guardian Modular offers you a robust prefabricated solution to solve your Equipment Housing needs, and can save you construction time while remaining very cost effective.  Guardian Modular offers Equipment Enclosures for the highest quality manufacturing, production or diagnostics which meets the requirements of modern day processes.  Our Equipment Enclosures rooms are able to provide safe environments, reduce noise and precisely control the humidity, temperature, and air particles as required.  With multiple wall cores available such as a polystyrene thermal core, type-1 construction core, sound deadening and a certified 1 hour ASTM E-119 fire rated core, you can be sure we have the product that suits your needs.  We can offer you wide clear span designs in order to fit around existing equipment or processes without interfering in your processes.    



  • Customizable, Flexible Construction
  • Precise temperature, humidity, particle control
  • Code Compliant



  • Guardian Modular Equipment Enclosures offer consistency for the utmost in quality control:
  • Seamless one-piece panels up to 40' high
  • Smooth USDA white steel finish available
  • Smooth Tan and Gray finishes also available
  • Many roof options including roof panel systems and corrugated steel B-Deck
  • Clear (unobstructed) roof spans up to 70' wide
  • Many door options for personnel and equipment
  • High bay lighting using metal halide lights
  • Custom product conveyor openings
  • Complete air conditioning / HVAC packages for exact temperature and humidity requirements
  • Computerized controls / alarms available upon request





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