Details and Specifications


Features and Benefits


  • Superior Wall Panels:   

Panels that use gypsum board have 2-pieces of 5/8 inch thick fire rated type X gypsum for superior sound and fire resistance (as opposed to 1/2 inch regular gypsum of our competitors).  Panels that use steel skins use 26 gauge - galvanized steel with a baked on acrylic enamel finish.  All wall panels are fully fabricated for quick and easy assembly, and are similar in size so that each wall panel is interchangeable with any other.

  • Universal Post Connections:   

Our wall panel connecting posts are universal, interchangeable and made from durable galvanized steel with a baked on acrylic enamel finish. Some competitors use different and non-interchangeable post types when electrical or doors are being used, and some don't have posts at all. The post connection is what gives the modular office its unique advantage over conventional construction - the flexibility to change the wall panels as needed. When components are not universal this benefit can be lost. 

  • Heavy Duty Over sized Doors:

The Door is the only moving and most often used part of a building.  A quality door will give you years of service, a cheap door can give you years of problems.  We only offer high quality doors.  Our doors are the best in the industry.  The door is the cornerstone of a building's quality.  Cheap doors do not last and are always causing operational problems.  Our doors are 20 Gauge Heavy Duty Steel, 1-3/4 inch thick, with a heavy 16 gauge steel frame.  We have an exclusive TiteSeal gasket system to seal out noise and dust.  Doors are over sized 3' wide x 7' high for easy access.  The finish is a powder coated durable finish for long lasting good looks.  Each door includes heavy duty steel mortised hinges, a stainless steel lever lock set, is pre-assembled, pre-hung and completely interchangeable with our other panels.  

  • Steel Roof Deck and Acoustical Drop Ceiling:

We provide a 22 gauge corrugated steel B-Deck for the roof over our modular offices to protect against noise and dust, and we provide a heavy duty industrial grade acoustical drop ceiling for lights and concealing mechanical duct or conduit in the plenum. 

  • Electrical Packages:

We offer two types of electrical packages, one with wiring, which is a modular quick connect WirePak system, not to be confused with a simple pre-wired system that still requires an electrician to do the bulk of the wiring work, and a standard package without wiring.  Each system includes lights, outlets and a breaker panel.

  • Wood Crates:

We use wood crates to ship our wall panels.  Some competitors use shrink wrap and hope for no freight damage. 

  • Easy Installation Instructions:

Our system is designed to be installed quickly and easily by your own personnel and with common hand tools.  If you do not have the personnel available we can arrange an installation crew to handle the assembly.



  •  Wall Panels: fully prefabricated insulated panels, 3 inch thick, nominal 4 foot wide (or 2 foot as required), 100% interchangeable. Panels are solid or 4' fixed window type
  • Connecting Posts: 2 piece galvanized steel, non-progressive design, painted to match walls.
  • Channels: 20 gauge galvanized steel, painted to match walls. Pre-Sized and Cut to length for easy assembly.
  • Doors: Heavy duty Steel 3x7 - 20 gauge galvanized steel, Powder coated finish.  Heavy duty Steel MaxDoor 40"x84", Double Doors and Overhead Roll-up Doors


Roof and Ceiling:

  • Roof Deck: 22 gauge steel B-deck, 7 psf no-load design. 
  • Acoustical Ceiling: Lay-in type, white, 2 x 4-ft. grid and mineral tiles. 



  • Electrical kit: lights 2x4 lay-in type T-8 fixtures, less bulbs, light switch, duplex outlets, Breaker panel 4 circuits.
  • WirePak Modular Wiring Kit: a heavy duty industrial electrical wiring systems that is easily installed by a snap and lock assembly.  Our system is UL Listed and meets National Electric Code. The system provides wiring for the lights and outlets. It terminates at a convenient location within the modular room with 6'-12' wire pigtail (from the last electrical item) ready for a licensed electrician to hook-up to the breaker panel.


Window, Wall and Core Options:


Window Options:

  • Standard Window 4x4 nominal size/ Steel Frame, with 1/4" Tempered Safety Glass.  STC 25
  • Sound Deadening Window Double Plunge Cut 3/16" Tempered Safety Glass & 1/4 Laminated Glass.  STC 45


Wall Construction Options:

  • Durable vinyl faced 5/8" fire rated gypsum on both sides with a Thermal Core.  3" Panel
  • Sound deadening STC 35:  26 gauge steel faced 5/8" fire rated gypsum outside & vinyl faced 5/8" fire rated gypsum inside with a Thermal Core.  3" Panel
  • Sound deadening STC 35:  26 gauge steel faced 5/8" fire rated gypsum on both sides with a Thermal Core.  3" Panel   
  • 26 gauge galvanized steel baked on acrylic enamel finish on both sides with a Thermal Core.  3" Panel


Wall Core Options:



Thermal Core:  

For superior strength and insulation over steel studs. STC: 30-35. R-Value: 9-13.5


Type-1 Core:  

100% non-combustible compliant for type 1 or 2 constructions. STC: 30-35


1-Hour Core:  

Certified ASTM E-119 1-hour endurance construction for fire safety. STC: 35-45. R-Value: 12


Sound Deadening Core:  

Combines the fire-rated performance with sound deadening to STC 45 or better. STC: 45-55. R-Value: 12


Code Compliance, Safety and Certifications: 


  • Code compliant

Guardian Modular offers a prefabricated modular building solution that meets all major building codes (ANSI, ICC, IBC, ICBO, UBC) with certified systems for the requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM E84 Class A, ASTM E119 1 hour fire rating, as well as NFPA 286 and 25ft. high Corner Test









  • Structural Inserts  

Bolted and anchored designs, engineered for code compliance




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