Prefabricated Cleanrooms

Guardian Modular offers you a robust prefabricated solution to solve your Cleanroom needs, and can save you construction time while remaining very cost effective.  Our Cleanrooms are able to provide safe environments, reduce noise and precisely control the humidity, temperature, and air particles as required.


Our Cleanrooms hold many benefits



Our non-progressive, fully fabricated panel wall system allows the room to be modified, expanded or moved with minimal amount of manpower or facilities interruptions. This system coupled with our modular wiring (which can be utilized for all electrical wiring including FFU HEPA filters) offers the most flexible building system available.


Guardian Modular prefab inplant systems can be designed and engineered to include roof loading capabilities for mechanical and process equipment or storage.  This will save you valuable floor space in your plant or factory.


Our Modular wall systems can be designed to meet your exact requirements and preferences using a many surfaces including steel, fiberglass reinforced plastic, high pressure laminated finishes and more...


Our modular construction will provide your company with cost savings in design, construction and maintenance. One of the best benefits our products have is the ability to use a seven-year depreciation method, compared to the 39.5 years with conventional construction.  This will provide you with a tremendous price advantage of almost 33% in comparison.  


Our prefabricated modular designs reduce construction time when compared with other construction methods.  


Features and Benefits:

  • Code Compliant
  • Customizable, Flexible Construction
  • Wall systems for Class 100 to Class 100,000
  • Designed using Fed Std 209E and current industry standards
  • Many wall surface materials
  • Movable and expandable
  • Single pass, recirculating plenum and ducted plenum designs
  • USDA approved surfaces available
  • Cleanroom approved components
  • Delivered and installed quickly
  • Custom pass-through options




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